Who We Are

We are Sarah & Emily, and welcome to our page! This website is a place for us to blog about our all our outdoor adventures, and also a chance to exercise our writing and photography skills (limited as they may be right now)!

Sarah works in outreach and social media management and is also a Master’s student in Technical Communication. Emily is a bad ass cake decorator who owns her own bakery in Boise (check out Vagabond Bakery). We discovered our mutual love of camping on our first date, and what has followed has been our growing desire to seek out new places to hike, bike, and camp together.

We are by no means “hiking experts”; what we have learned we’ve learned through trial and error (and error and error and error). But living in a state with an overabundance of opportunities to get out and explore, we take those errors and learn how to improve (for instance: hiking poles are a life saver! And sandals are–usually–not a good idea).

We hope you enjoy our page, and maybe pick up some tricks and tips if you’re thinking about adding hiking to your life!